We all thank the following people and organisations for their kind support.

 Arnott Insurance proud to sponsor the Northern League.

 Costcutter Supermarket and the Garden Farm Post Office.

 H. Preece - Painting and Decorating Services.

 Big Lamp Brewers and The Keelman's Lodge

 LABEL Technology Ltd

 Tyne Tees Telecom

 The Factory

 Atkinson Insurance Services

 Wonder Kitchen

 J. W. Holden Haulage Contractor

 The Camera Clinic

 The Northern Echo

 M&M Embroidery

 Just Sport

 The Moulders Arms

 Cragside - Mercedes-Benz

 Gordon Brown Associates - Solicitors

 Buchanan Best Bitter

 Cestria Distribution

 Alan Hartley - PGA Professional, Grange Villa

 Kate & Jim Moffat at Hill Farm, Sgodachail

 W. G. Dolling - Plumbing and Heating

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